Host your own

Hosting a KBCM allows corporate organizations, staff members, schools, religious institutions and individuals to get together in a social atmosphere to demystify cancer. Faraja facilitates a one hour awareness talk on the risk factors and early signs, with the help of a…

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How will it help

    • Ksh 9,600 – the cost of 8 powerful pain killers for people when it is most needed.
    • Ksh 52,800 - the cost of 3 CT scans so that doctors can plan the best treatment for patient.
    • Kshs 180,000 – the cost of 6 lifesaving chemotherapy session…
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Typical agenda on KBCM

    • 8:00am - Introductions and briefing on KBCM.
    • 8:30am - Speakers presentation.
    • 9:00am - Survivors testimonial.
    • 9:30am - Q&A over Coffee and Pastries.
    • 10:00am - Vote of thanks / Call to Action.
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Have a bake sale at work/school/church

You can do it yourself or get your friends with “baking fingers” to help! Make simple, delicious pastries and sell them at a profit with proceeds going towards Faraja Cancer Support Trust

Host a Coffee Morning as a residential estate

Get all tenants to meet at the carpark/ swimming pool and have a “pot luck” brunch with a donation box!


  • Zep RE



Dr. Noelle Orata

Dr. Noelle Orata is the Group Medical Director, Oasis Healthcare Group and is a founder member and director at Oasis Nairobi Limited, one of the subsidiaries of Oasis healthcare Group Limited. Her interest is in laboratory research and laboratory systems strengthening.

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Dr. James Mbogo

Dr. Mbogo is a medical doctor currently pursuing a Masters degree in clinical oncology and nuclear medicine at Alexandria University in Egypt. Since May 2014 he has been a volunteer at Faraja where he presents health talks to the cancer survivor groups and various corporates. His talks focus on a wide variety of topics including how to deal with the side effects of cancer, treatment and risk factors. Dr. Mbogo has a passion for prevention and early detection of cancer which he advocates for at forums such as the Coffee mornings among many others.

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Dr. Nafula E. Wekesa

Dr. Wekesa currently works as a medical officer at M. P Shah Hospital's Internal Medicine department. Previously, she worked at the Nairobi Hospice and Kakamega County General Hospital. She has also volunteered at the Coast, Kakamega and Nairobi hospices in the past. Dr Wekesa is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Palliative Care at the Oxford Brookes University since 2016. She holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from the University of Nairobi, a Diploma for Higher Education in Palliative Care and a Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education from the Oxford Brookes University.

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Muthoni Mate

Muthoni is a Kenyan epidemiologist who does not term herself as a cancer survivor. Rather than surviving the disease, cancer was her wake up call to appreciating each and every day of life and to draw out the most she could by giving back to the same people who were her source of support and strength during her breast cancer treatment in the year 2016. She is the founder of The Cancer Café – a place where patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and the general public meet every month to learn, support each other and share the joys and tears of their cancer journeys over a cup of tea and healthy snacks. She also runs a weekly Cancer Café gym session that is tailor-made for cancer patients but is open and applicable to everyone.

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Phillip Odoyo

Philip Odiyo Ouma works as the Patient Support Manager at Faraja Cancer Support Trust. His passion for Psycho-Oncology began 15 years ago at Kisumu Hospice where he established the first counselling office. Besides having a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology, he is currently enrolled for a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at the United States International University. He attended Clinical Observership training at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in Manhattan, New York under the Union for International Cancer Control Fellowship for 2014 and was inducted into membership of Association of UICC Fellows (AUF) in as a UICC Fellow in 2015. Besides, his work at Faraja, he is a committee member of the Early Career Psycho-Oncology Professionals’ group and a member of the IPOS Federation under the International Psycho-Oncology Association. He is the Vice President of Africa Psycho –Oncology Society (APOS). Philip Odiyo was recently awarded Naomi Stearns 2018 Scholarship by the Association of Oncology Social Workers conference in Atlanta, Georgia. He is also a member of Association of Prostate Cancer Support Association.

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Cindy Ogana

Cindy is a creative by profession, having studied Creative Arts at Moi University and worked as a radio presenter and social commentator on television. Cindys passion for philanthropy led her to pursue a career as a fund raising and communications manager at Faraja Cancer SupportTrust, her main skill is communication, with sub-skills in marketing, donor/customer relations, events management and social media strategization.

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