Host your own

Hosting a KBCM allows corporate organizations, staff members, schools, religious institutions and individuals to get together in a social atmosphere to demystify cancer. Faraja facilitates a one hour awareness talk on the risk factors and early signs, with the help of a certified doctor/oncologist. After an open Q&A session, a survivor shares their testimony on life during and after cancer. Attendees then enjoy tasty pastries and a cup of tea/coffee.

How will it help

  • Ksh 9,600 – the cost of 8 powerful pain killers for people when it is most needed.
  • Ksh 52,800 - the cost of 3 CT scans so that doctors can plan the best treatment for patient.
  • Kshs 180,000 – the cost of 6 lifesaving chemotherapy sessions.
  • Kshs 198,000 – the cost of a patient to successfully undergo 30 sessions of radiotherapy treatment.
  • Kshs 300,000 – the cost of Faraja’s monthly breast cancer support group for a year!

Typical agenda on KBCM

  • 8:00am - Introductions and briefing on KBCM.
  • 8:30am - Speakers presentation.
  • 9:00am - Survivors testimonial.
  • 9:30am - Q&A over Coffee and Pastries.
  • 10:00am - Vote of thanks / Call to Action.