At the end of the session participants can enjoy a cup of coffee/ tea or a drink of their choice, and pastries from Ennsvalley and/or cakes made by staff. The session can be as long as you want it to be and at a time convenient for you. From our experience we would suggest that you allow a minimum of one hour and it does not have to be in the morning.

We would be happy to meet you to discuss this further and to answer any questions that you might have. Once a date has been fixed we can meet to discuss what you will require from Faraja for your coffee morning. Depending on numbers this could include coffee, coffee percolator, coffee cups, invites, posters and pastries.

All proceeds go towards our FREE services including; complementary therapies, support group meetings for Breast, Cervical and Prostate cancer, access to our ever expanding support library, counseling sessions, funding our Crafts For Cure program at Kenyatta National Hospital’s Children’s ward (happens every Friday afternoon in conjunction with AIESEC students) and our Medical Assistance Program.

Have a bake sale at work/school/church

You can do it yourself or get your friends with “baking fingers” to help! Make simple, delicious pastries and sell them at a profit with proceeds going towards Faraja Cancer Support Trust

Host a Coffee Morning as a residential estate

Get all tenants to meet at the carpark/ swimming pool and have a “pot luck” brunch with a donation box!

Get staff members to pledge in advance

Faraja can provide a speaker on cancer (to include a little bit about the cancer scene in Kenya and why early screening is important) and/or healthy living to anyone expecting large numbers to attend ie over 20. We can also arrange for a survivor to talk about their cancer journey and how the services that Faraja provides (information, support, complementary therapies and financial assistance) have helped them in their journey

Have an office/school auction

Get some cool raffle prizes and auction them to the highest bidder.

Place a donation box at your establishment for a whole month

If you have an office/establishment that has frequent customers, you could place a donation box at the till throughout the month of October and encourage your clientelle to donate.

Get your companies management to match funds shilling for shilling

Whatever you do as an office to raise funds: yoga session, bake sale, pledges…a good idea would be to ask management to match your donations, shilling by shilling.

Host a Coffee Morning as an investment group “chama”

During your monthly meetings, you could decide to give a percentage of your contributions to the Faraja or donate goods in kind